ALGIERS,– Algeria’s Minister of Interior and Local Assemblies, Noureddine Bedoui, has told Parliament that road accidents are costing the nation 100 billion dinars (about 911 million US dollars) a year and that the new measures being adopted as part of the revision of the Highway Code are aimed at reducing the human intervention in offences reporting.

Responding to questions in the Council of the Nation (the lower House of Parliament) here Thursday about the measures to reduce road accidents, Bedoui said the average number of victims in traffic accidents came close to 4,000 fatalities a year, costing the State 100 billion dinars.

This situation required new measures to be incorporated in the Highway Code, particularly the increase in fines for offences causing road accidents and the establishment of a points-based driving licence regulation.

“The human factor, particularly in terms of non-compliance with traffic laws, is the common denominator in 95 per cent of road accidents,” the minister said, stressing that speeding and dangerous overtaking were the direct cause of half of all traffic accidents.

The Highway Code revision , recently adopted by the Council of Government (Cabinet), provides for the increase in fines for offences causing accidents.

A new measure has also been adopted, namely the establishment of a points-based driving licence that will enable reduce human intervention in offences reporting process and put an end to all forms of leniency with offenders. The points-based driving licence computerized system will endow the highway code will further rigour.

In addition to deterrent measures, other rigorous measures aiming at reducing road accidents have been adopted, mainly the improvement of the road network conditions, requirement of quality security equipment in imported cars, technical control of cars and endowing security services with modern equipment.


Source: Name News Network

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