ORAN, ALGERIA, — Two new projects for the development of renewable energy will be launched in Algeria as part of Algerian-Japanese scientific co-operation, announced Thursday in Oran the operations manager for the projects, Pr Amine Boudghene-Stambouli.

The two projects are aimed at the production of silicon from sand and diatom detritus, and energy transport through superconductors, Pr Boudghene-Stambouli told the APS news agency.

In addition to the Japanese expertise, the Algerian side will also benefit from the scientific contribution of Turkmenistan and Tunisia, owing to their experience in the two fields, he explained.

A visit of Japanese experts is scheduled for late October to Mohamed-Boudiaf University of Sciences and Technology ahead of the launch of the two new co-operation projects in partnership with the University of Chubu and the National Computer Institute of Tokyo, said Pr Stambouli.

The Algerian-Japanese co-operation is in line with the previous programme for the Sahara Solar Breeder.

Source: Nam News Network

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