TEBESSA,– Algerian Transport Minister Boudjemaa Talai has stressed the need for the modernization of the railways and extension of the rail network in order to boost the country’s economy and trade.

The strengthening, rehabilitation, electrification and double-tracking project of the railway between Djebel El Onk in Tebessa Province in northeastern Algeria and Annaba on the Mediterannean coast via Oued Kéberit, which was awarded in June 2015 to an Algerian company, will be delivered between 2018 and 2019, Talai said here Monday.

The 413-kilometre railway project is part of Tebessa’s railway network extension, added Talai, who stressed that this railway would ease pressure on the transportation of mineral ores by road.

The Minister stressed the importance of modernizing this railway to ensure the transportation of raw materials extracted from Djbel Onk to the El Hadjar steel complex in Annaba and the phosphate company, as well as transport of persons.

While visiting the airport at Tebessa, Talai stressed the need to optimize the exploitation of this infrastructure and the implementation of a freight boarding station, stating that Algeria’s air fleet will increase from 59 to 100 aircraft in the medium-term.

He announced that sea transportation links would be opened between coastal towns including Jijel, Tipasa and Bejaia. He also referred to the possibility of opening a sea link next year to transport pilgrims to the Holy Places of Islam.



Source: Name News Network

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