TAMANRASSET, — Participants at the Algeria-Niger bilateral meeting, held this week in Tamanrasset, 1,970 kilometres south of Algiers, have stressed the importance of a strong and lasting partnership between the two countries.

They underlined during the two-day meeting, which is part of the action plan of the Algeria-Niger bilateral committee, the need to have a solid and lasting partnership in issues of common interest.

The meeting, held in preparation for the sixth session of the bilateral committee, was co-chaired by the governors of the Algerian provinces Tamanrasset and Illizi and their counterparts of Niger’s Agadez and Tahoua provinces, and attended representatives from security institutions and heads of other departments from both countries.

The meeting, which ended on Tuesday, focused on assessing the implementation of the recommendations made during the 5th session of Algeria-Niger bilateral committee, held last July in Niamey, Niger. The two delegations also broached the development of a joint strategy to boost co-operation in several fields, especially security.

Chairing the closing session of the meeting, the governor of Tamanrasset said the event’s results were up to the expectations of both sides. Belkacem Silmi also said the results might be considered as a commitment and an additional milestone in dealing with common issues and implementing joint programmes.

Source: Nam News Network

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