ALGIERS, — Algeria remains committed with determination in the fight against human trafficking through the promotion of the upcoming inter-ministerial committee in charge of co-ordinating activities relating to the prevention and the fight against this phenomenon in a national committee placed under the direct authority of the Prime Minister to enhance its capacities and effectiveness.

In the same framework, and in addition to the operationalization of a national policy against human trafficking, “this committee’s main missions are to monitor the implementation of international and national legal instruments relating to it, ratified by Algeria, the co-operation and the exchange of information with national and international bodies, and the implementation of training and awareness programmes on this issue,” says a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this regard, the ministry insisted on its responsibilities in this field that emanate, notably, from its commitment in the fight against terrorism.

“The significant part that Algeria intensely intends to take in the elimination of this transnational phenomenon of human trafficking, in the context of its well established commitment against other scourges such as terrorism, the result of intangible convictions emanating from its national liberation fight that fundamentally enshrined the dignity and integrity of people,” added the ministry.

“In the design and the conduct of its domestic and international policies, Algeria is scrupulously working to ensure coherence and consistency that it wishes to share with all its international partners to ensure together a better qualitative future for all the peoples of the world.”

Meanwhile, the National Consultative Commission of Human Rights Promotion and Protection (CNCPPDH) and the Algerian Red Crescent (CRA) on Sunday questioned the content of the United States Department of State report on human trafficking which ranked Algeria as a “category 3” country.

The US report “does not reflect reality”, said the President of the National Consultative Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Advisory Commission), Farouk Ksentini, who expressed “outrage at a fabricated report (…) which only objective is to attack the reputation of Algeria”.

“I categorically reject the charges and allegations contained in this report that has absolutely no legal value,” he explained.

For the president of the Advisory Commission, “the report discredits its authors who have launched serious accusations against Algeria, without prior checks”.

The Chairperson of the Algerian Red Crescent (CRA), Saida Benhabiles, said that the report represented an “unfounded attack not only against Algeria in its humanitarian action but also against the CRA and the efforts it spends to accomplish its mission”.

She added that the report is also “an attack on the Algerian people and their culture which is deeply rooted in ancient values of solidarity and the respect of human dignity”.

Benhabiles raises questions about the purpose of this report which comes at a time when the “work accomplished by Algeria for the African immigrants is met with recognition”.

Source: Name News Network

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