GROZNY, — The fight against terrorism requires stronger and more co-ordinated regional and international co-operation, says Algeria’s Minister for Maghreb, African Union (AU) and Arab League Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel.

Speaking at the 7th International Meeting of Senior Officials for Security Issues being held here this week, Messahel stressed that Algeria, which suffered during a decade from this phenomenon foreign to its culture and values, today joined its efforts to those of its neighbours and the international community in general to eliminate this common threat.

“This commitment rests on the conviction that security is indivisible and terrorism has no party, no religion, and no respect for the sacred status of persons or human and civilizational values that unite humanity,” he told the meeting which is focusing on the fight against extremism and terrorism to maintain regional and international security.

Messahel affirmed that “extremism and terrorism are among the major threats to international peace and security”.

“Terrorism affects an increasing number of countries and no nation can legitimately pretend it is shielded from this phenomenon. Its actions methods rapidly evolve and pose new challenges,” he stated, adding that “in some region, terrorism occupies territories, imposes its barbarity to innocent populations and links up with transnational organized crime”.

“In order to counter this threat, our country has established, at the behest of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a multi-sectoral policy for deradicalization and prevention of radicalization involving public institutions, civil society and citizens,” he said.

Source: Name News Network

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