ALGIERS, — Algeria seeks to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of lentils and chickpeas by 2020 and save on more than 150 million US dollars of imports, says the Director-General of the Field Crops Technical Institute (ITGC), Omar Zeghouane.

In terms of quantity, Algeria imports about two million quintals (200,000 tonnes) of pulses, including 1.4 million quintals of lentils and chickpeas, every year.

In order to reduce imports, the agricultural sector has launched a programme for the development of cultivated areas through the extension of lands reserved for lentils and chickpeas growing.

The programme has been drawn up following a study that takes into consideration the growing demand fr these pulses and the country’s population growth by 2020.

In order to meet the expected needs, “we have to produce nearly twp million quintals of chickpeas and lentils,” said Zeghouane.

Source: Nam News Network

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