BOUIRA, ALGERIA, — A Bill to establish a national council for human rights has been approved by the Algerian government and it will soon be submitted to the Council of Ministers and Parliament, says Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh.

The Bill, which constitutes part of the reforms introduced under the country’s new Constitution, was finalized and adopted at a meeting of the government, and will soon be submitted to the Council of ministers and Parliament, Louh said at a meeting with judges during his visit to the Court of Justice in this north-central Algerian city.

During the meeting, followed by a video-conference linked to all the country’s courts of justice, the minister also announced that a Bill is under preparation to introduce reforms in the criminal courts concerning their components, as well as their way of functioning.

Louh added that work on another Bill is underway to amend the code of civil and administrative procedures to fill in some inadequacies raised previously by the judicial bodies.

He announced that a draft Bill concerning the use of DNA profiling at work and judicial procedures would be soon submitted to the Council of the Nation (the upper House of Parliament).

“The Ministry of Justice has finalized all the work relating to the technical aspects, and this Bill will soon be submitted to the Council of the Nation,” said Louh.

Source: Name News Network

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