ORAN, ALGERIA, — Algeria will no longer award highway projects to be carried out by foreign companies and will instead encourages local public or private enterprises to invest in this niche sector, says Public Works Minister Abdelkader Ouali.

“We must do everything to execute the programme of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika,” he said here Tuesday while on an inspection visit to Oran.

He noted that with seven million vehicles in Algeria, the highway construction sector was big enough and the State was encouraging local companies to invest in the highway construction business.

“With what we have learnt from the (ongoing) East-West Highway project, we have decided that highway projects will from now be 100 per cent carried out by Algerian companies. We encourage Algerian companies to invest even in maritime projects,” said Abdelkader Ouali, when he visited the construction site of a new upper corniche project.

While at the site, the minister stressed the importance of the company meeting the deadline for the construction and respecting the quality of road and highway projects.

“The development of road networks is part of the economic development of Oran which is a very important province as it will host major events, including 2021 Mediterranean Games. We must be ready at the economic, touristic and cultural levels,” said the minister, underlining that the projects are related to other important events, hence the need to respect deadlines.

Source: Name News Network

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