ALGIERS, — Algerian Justice Minister Tayeb Louh is attending the 32nd meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice at the headquarters of the League Secretariat General in Cairo Thursday.

The meeting will focus on several important issues, including the fight against terrorism, criminalization of ransom payment to terrorist groups, piracy, armed robbery and corruption crimes, according to a statement here the Justice Ministry here Wednesday.

The council will also examine the strengthening of Arab co-operation, standardization of Arab legislation and an Arab investment code, added the statement.

It will also review several Arab draft protocols on the fight against human trafficking, on banning and fighting piracy and armed robbery and the on fighting against the proliferation of weapons in the Arab region.

Also on the agenda is a review of Arab convention projects on the organization of organ transplantation, the banning and fight against human cloning and the organization of the situation of refugees in the Arab countries.

Algeria will bring up the process of reforms undertaken in the sector of justice, notably the qualitative leap achieved in this field in the country recently. –

Source: Nam News Network

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