BATNA, ALGERIA — Algeria Press Service (APS), the country’s national news agency, will launch new websites in 2017, says its General Manager, Abdelhamid Kacha.

Two websites devoted to youth and sports news, and to economic news will be launched in order to highlight efforts made by the State for multifaceted development, Kacha said Tuesday.

In his communication, entitled “APS, from constraints to new digital industry opportunities”, issued on on the occasion of the 10th conference on “Media, the citizens has the right to reliable information”, which was also attended by Communication Minister Abdelhamid Grine and the heads of Algerian television and radio.

“In spite of some technical constraints, APS is determined to diversify its websites and news feeds,” Kacha said, stressing that APS’s current challenge consisted of modernizing its working methods and providing customers with reliable, highly-professional and interesting information.

According to him, the current efforts of APS were focused on the creation and diversification of information products so as to expand the audience of the agency and strengthen advertising spaces. He recalled the APS mission, history and coverage of political, economic, cultural and sports news, and its presence in all provinces and in 12 capital cities overseasd.

APS is considered as the main provider of news to newspapers, TV channels and radio in the country, Kacha affirmed.

Source: Nam News Network

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