ALGIERS, — The new Algerian Deputy Finance Minister in charge of the digital economy and the modernization of financial systems has made it his priority to set up the ecosystem for a digital economy and to ensure its profitability to the national economy.

“The priorities are to lay the foundations and to set up the ecosystem and digital economy in our country to allow its development, durability and to ensure its profitability to national economy,” says Mouatassam Boudiaf, whose full title is Deputy Minister to the Minister of Finance in charge of ghe Digital Economy and Modernization of Financial Systems.

“It is a social project with a transversal approach which concerns us all in a general way but more particularly some players,” he told APS in an interview here Wednesday.

In this regard, he added, “this social project is set up at different levels — technological, technical and regalia around an outstanding human capital”.

Asked about the reasons of merging the digital economy to the modernization of financial systems in one portfolio, Boudiaf said that they are two complementary missions.

“The modernization of financial systems is at the centre of the digital economy, it is even a part of this economy,” he said, underlining that this modernization will concern all the entities coming under the financial sector but will concern first and foremost the banks, and departments in charge of taxation, the Budget and Customs and Excise.

Source: Name News Network

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