ALGIERS, — Algeria has to provide its youth with all necessary means to build their future based on values of tolerance, solidarity and mutual aid in order to combat violent extremism, says the National Consultative Commission of Human Rights Promotion and Protection (CNCPPDH).

Algeria, through the measures taken as part of the fight against violent extremism, has always put its youth among its top priorities, notes the Commission in its 2015 report on Algeria’s experience in deradicalization.

The Commission recommends providing youth “with the necessary inter-generational communication tools through electronic communication platforms” and “strengthening intellectual alliances that allow closing the ranks of youth of the same generation”.

The CNCPPDH also underlined the urgent need to give youth the opportunity to participate in the political life as well as the economic, cultural and social development of the country.

“The policy of the fight against violent extremism and radicalization can be achieved only by involving youth and older generations,” says the report.

As regards the national reconciliation and human rights, the Commission recommends that public authorities establish dialogue with the families of missing persons, in order to provide them with all information related to the investigations conducted by the different security services of the ministries of Interior and National Defence, as well as the actions undertaken by the Ministry of Justice.

Source: Name News Network

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