ALGIERS, — China seeks to strengthen its security co-operation with Algeria, says Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Li Huilai.

“China seeks to strengthen co-operation with Algeria in the security field,” the Chinese official told journalists after calling on Algerian Minister of Interior and Local Authorities Noureddine Bedoui here Sunday.

“I am leading today a Chinese delegation for the launch of the mechanism for security and counter-terrorism consultation between the two countries,” he said.

“We have had a frank and deep discussion with Bedoui on the implementation of the law on security, on which we have achieved large consensus.”

In this regard, he stressed the importance attached by Algeria to the fight against terrorism and extremism through the adoption of a series of effective measures, adding that “Algeria has acquired a long experience in this field”.

Algeria and China have agreed to strengthen their capacity to combat terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime, he said.

The Chinese official also underlined the convergence of views of the two countries on the international and regional security situations, adding that they agreed to strengthen co-operation to counter together the security threats in the world and in the region.

Algiers and Beijing are “strategic partners”. said Li, who added that the two countries had developed strong mutual political trust and were working for the development of concrete co-operation in all areas.

In this regard, he said an increasing number of Chinese companies had come to invest in Algeria and an increasing number of Chinese citizens were making visits to Algeria.

Source: Nam News Network

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