ALGIERS, — Algeria must speed up its energy transition to diversify its economy and ensure its long-term energy security, according to local and foreign experts attending a meeting organized by the Business Leaders Forum (FCE) here.

The experts who took part in Tuesday’s meeting, held under the theme “Which energy transitions for Algeria?,” focused on the need to speed up the energy transition process by heading for alternative energies of which Algeria possesses significant potentials such as renewable energy.

This process will allow Algeria, in addition to diversifying the country’s energy mix, to encourage the emergence of new industrial activities, notably those related to the manufacturing and installation of equipment for production of solar and wind generated electricity as part of the implementation of a national renewable energy development programme.

In this regard, Algerian Energy Ministry Secretary-General Fatma Zohra Talantikite stressed in her address to the meeting that through this national renewable energy development programme, Algeria aimed to make the next 20 year “the era of renewable energies”.

FCE head Ali Haddad said renewable energies were the most important and cleanest alternative energy sources for the country.

In this regard, he affirmed that the employers’ organization which he runs would support any public policy to encourage the projects relating to renewable energies involving new and innovative technologies.

The energy transition process, combined with the economic diversification programme, must encourage the emergence of new industrial sectors and offer the economy leverage for growth and for creating jobs, he added.

The head of the Energy for Africa foundation and former French Cabinet Minister Jean-Louis Borloo, stressed the need that Africa to make up for past delay in electrification programmes.

Source: Nam News Network

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