ALGIERS, — Four terrorists surrendered on Sunday to the security authorities in the border area of Tarat in the operational sector of In-Amenas in southern Algeria , the Ministry of National Defence said in a statement here.

“As a result of the counter-terrorism efforts made by the People’s National Army, four terrorists surrendered Sunday, 27 November 2016, to security authorities in the border area of Tarat, the operation sector of In Amenas (4th military district),” the statement said.

The terrorists were armed with four Kalashnikov sub-machine guns and eight full magazines, the statement said, adding that two of the terrorists had search warrants issued for their arrest.The four were identified as B. Djelloul, B. Abdelmalek, B. Miloud and B. Cherif.

In addition, Army detachments on Saturday, Nov 26, seized two Kalashnikov sub-machine guns, three cartridge clips and a quantity of ammunition during a search operation in In Guezzam in the 6th military district, the statement said.

Source: Nam News Network

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