ALGIERS, — President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has affirmed that Algeria’s recently revised Constitution has consolidated the rules for a pluralist democracy and improved the electoral system with new guarantees of transparency and impartiality.

“The Constitution revised earlier this year has consolidated the rules of a pluralist democracy, strengthened the place of the opposition and its rights, notably within the Parliament, and improved the electoral system with new guarantees of transparency and impartiality,” he said here Monday in a message to mark the 62nd anniversary of the outbreak of the November Revolution which led to the country’s independence from French colonial rule.

In this regard, “the legislative and the local elections we will organize next year will be governed d by the recently-updated electoral law as part of the new guarantees of transparency dictated by the Constitution,” said President Bouteflika.

As such, he added that “at the same time, the High Independent Instance for Elections Monitoring has been set up and is being made operational before the coming legislative elections”.

“I will personally ensure that all these new assets are respected, so that democracy makes a new step forward in our country, that our people get more involved in the choice of its representatives and that the to-be-elected national and local assemblies be able to further contribute to the success of reforms and development efforts at all the levels,” said the Head of the State, as the guarantor of the Constitution.

“Indeed, the ambition of having acceding to power is the purpose of the pluralist democracy,” he said, while stressing that “the success of the pluralist democracy requires stability.”

“I call on every political party to contribute to protecting this stability. This is everyone’s responsibility towards the people, which is the source of the democracy and towards the country,” he concluded.

Source: Nam News Network

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