ALGIERS, — Algeria’s President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has urged the country’s youth to work together to create an economy free of its excessive dependency on oil and gas.

In a message to mark the 60th National Student Day, on May 19, he affirmed that “today more than ever before, it is time for our youth in general and our elite in particular to unite to be at the forefront of the creation of an economy free of the excessive dependency on hydrocarbons”.

“We also need to ensure the continuation of the process of the socio-economic development which has reached a remarkable level so far,” added the president, who urged the youth to respond with the same determination as their predecessors’ during the country’s liberation war.

He added that the youth had to be strong-minded to take up this challenge for a better and a prosperous future for the people and to preserve the country’s independence, which could only be consolidated and preserved by financial and human autonomy.

He also said that “independent Algeria is committed to make of the acquisition of knowledge and sciences a top challenge and a high priority, and also a revenge since our people was deprived from learning during the barbaric colonial period”.

“Algeria is also eager to arm its future generations with science and knowledge, enabling them to contribute to the great battle, that of building and development,” he said.

“The greatest achievement of independent Algeria remains education provided to its children since independence.”

President Bouteflika added that “the attendance by a quarter of the Algerian population in schools, institutes, training centres and universities, despite the difficult financial situation, due to the decline in oil prices, is the most telling proof” of this.

Source: Name News Network

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