WASHINGTON, — An American think tank says Washington must re-appraise its relationship with Algeria “to leverage its constructive role in maintaining peace and stability in North Africa and the Sahel region”.

The Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), which focuses on “the development of policies that advance US national interests”, says in a note entitled “Taking Stock of US Policy Options in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia” published this week that US needs to deeply re-appraise its relationship with each of the countries of the Maghreb.

“In spite of shared interests, Washington’s policy focus and priority in the Maghreb region suffers a knowledge gap in respect to North Africa’s largest country (Akgeria)”, says the author of the note, Vish Sakthivel.

“Algeria … has remained a behemoth in regional mediation while its changing internal politics has received minimal attention,” the FPRI note says, while advocating “targeted and smarter partnerships with Algeria to leverage its constructive role in maintaining stability and brokering peace in the North Africa/Sahel region”.

In this regard, the FPRI recalls that US relations with Algeria have had several high points which can strengthen these partnerships, recalling that presidential candidate John F. Kennedy expressed support for Algerian independence and Algeria’s invaluable mediation in releasing the US hostages from Iran in 1981.

“Moreover, Algeria has slowly risen in importance in terms of US geo-strategic and economic interests,” the note highlights. “Algeria’s foreign policy position, marked by economic nationalism, non-alignment, national sovereignty, non-intervention, and support for liberation struggles in the global South, is formed by its long, painful battle against the entrenched French occupation,” stresses Sakthivel.

Source: Nam News Network

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