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‫كشفت “سكيلد ناو” الستار عن تدريباتها، وإصدار الشهادات خاصتها، وحلول التكنولوجيا الخاصة بها أيضًا في المعرض والمؤتمر الدولي للتعليم العالي، 2019.

شاركت “سكيلد ناو” في المعرض والمؤتمر الدولي للتعليم العالي 2019 http://www.ieche.com.sa/english/home في الرياض، بالمملكة العربية السعودية، وهو فاعلية ركزت على سّد الفجوة بين خبرة التعليم العالي والأهلية للتوظيف في مقر العمل. وكانت الضجة الأكبر بشأن

Rage Over South Africa Corruption Turns Off Voters

JOHANNESBURG For many South African voters, the government’s struggle with corruption � which in the past five years has provoked numerous inquiries, dominated headlines, and even forced out former President Jacob Zuma � isn’t about …

One of Africa’s Richest, Media Magnate Reginald Mengi Dies

DAR ES SALAAM Condolences are pouring in following the death Thursday of Tanzanian media magnate Reginald Mengi, ranked as one of the 50 wealthiest people in Africa and a pioneer in the area of privately-owned …

Uganda Censors Target 39 for Reporting on Bobi Wine

WASHINGTON The detention and subsequent release on bail of a popular musician in Uganda has led to the censure of 39 journalists at more than a dozen media outlets in that country.

Singer Bobi Wine, …