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تعيين أعضاء جدد باللجنة القيادية لفنادق وبيوت ضيافة حياة ريجنسي كريك هايتس دبي

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 15 من مارس 2020 /PRNewswire/ — قررت فنادق وبيوت ضيافة حياة ريجنسي كريك هايتس دبي تعيين غادة صلاح مديرًا مساعدًا تنفيذيًا للمبيعات والتسويق وإيشان جانجاخيدكار مديرًا لإدارة ألايرادات، لينضما بذلك

Straight-Talking Fauci Explains Outbreak to a Worried Nation

If Dr. Anthony Fauci says it, you’d be smart to listen. As the coronavirus has upended daily life across the globe, Fauci has become the trusted voice in separating fact and fiction.

The fear and …

Hard Hit South Korea Designates COVID-19 ‘Special Disaster Zones’

South Korea has designated several southeastern provinces, hard hit by COVID-19 as “special disaster zones,” making them eligible for financial support and relief. The designation is usually reserved for areas affected by typhoons, floods and …

UN Agency: Over 400 Migrants Intercepted off Libya Coast

CAIRO, EGYPT – Libya’s coast guard intercepted over 400 Europe-bound migrants off the country’s Mediterranean coast and returned them to the capital of Tripoli over the past 24 hours, the U.N. migration agency said Sunday.…