Daily Archives: March 28, 2020

Quarantine Challenges Leave Sudan Vulnerable Amid COVID Spread

Sudan has seen a small handful of coronavirus cases so far, and only one death. But health authorities are concerned because large numbers of people have either escaped quarantine or are refusing to quarantine altogether.   Two weeks have passed since authorities in Sudan confirmed the country’s first case of COVID-19.     So far,

Cameroonian Muslims Defy Coronavirus Prayer Restrictions

 Muslims in Cameroon have defied and are protesting government restrictions on prayer attendance at mosques, imposed to reduce the spread of COVID-19, which has so far been confirmed in 92 people in less than a month. The Muslims say the government order defies God’s teachings. Hundreds of Muslim faithful attended their Friday worship sessions in

COVID-19 Likely to Exact a Heavy Toll Among the Malnourished, Sick, and Poor in Africa

The Continent’s Relatively Young Population Is Likely to Be a Mitigating Factor, but Constrained Health Systems and a High Incidence of Malnutrition and Such Conditions as HIV and Tuberculosis Will Magnify the Impact NAIROBI, Kenya, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa will probably look different from what has […]