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فتح التسجيل للزوار المتخصصين للمشاركة في الدورة الثالثة لمعرض الصين الدولي للاستيراد

بدأت أعمال التسجيل للزوار المتخصصين للدورة الثالثة لمعرض الصين الدولي للاستيراد منذ 24 يونيو 2020، حيث يمكن للزوار المتخصصين في داخل الصين وخارجها إكمال أعمال التسجيل من خلال الخطوات التالية: “المعارض التجارية”- “الزوار المتخصصون”- “الحجز بالتسجيل” في الموقع الرسمي لمعرض الصين الدولي للاستيراد (www.ciie.org). رابط الموقع (باللغة الإنجليزية): https://www.ciie.org/ciie/f/visitor/pre-book?locale=en مقطع فيديو لشرح خطوات التسجيل (باللغة […]

Malawi Court Sentences Wildlife Criminals to 56 Years in Jail

Malawi wildlife officials have declared victory after a court sentenced nine members of a Chinese wildlife trafficking gang to a total of 56 years in prison.  Members of the Lin-Zhang group were found guilty of trafficking protected animal species and parts, including pangolins, rhino horn, and ivory.  The alleged kingpin of the syndicate is due

In Africa, Drugs Find Way Around Coronavirus Restrictions

Africa’s activity as a global illicit drug hub continues, authorities say, even as many of the continent’s biggest economies have imposed restrictions on movement to try to stop the spread of coronavirus. American drug enforcement officials say they’re especially concerned about what appears to be the rising incidence of drug use on the continent — indicating

Turkey Faces Pressure as Libyan Conflict Widens

The Egyptian parliament’s decision Monday to authorize the possible deployment of Egyptian troops in Libya is highlighting concerns in the region about a possible escalation of the Libyan conflict.  International pressure is, meanwhile, growing on Turkey over its involvement as Ankara doubled down on its support of Libya’s Government of National Accord, fueling fears of

Nobu Hospitality Announces Nobu Hotel and Restaurant Marrakech

The Brand’s First Nobu Hotel in Africa NEW YORK, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global lifestyle brand Nobu Hospitality, founded by Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper, is delighted to announce its continuing global expansion into Marrakech, Morocco. Nobu Hotel and Restaurant Marrakech is a collaboration between Hivernage Collection, MC Hotels, (the owners of the […]

أول مشروع تجاري في نيجيريا للشبكات الكهربية الصغيرة/الشبكات غير المخدومة يمد الطاقة لمجتمع موكولوكي

موكولوكي، نيجيريا، 21 تموز/يوليو، 2020 / بي آر نيوزواير / — تحالفت شركات آر أم آي، آي بي إي دي سي ونايو تيك، وبدعم من وكالة الطاقة الكهربائية الريفية النيجيرية، لتسريع نشر تقنية الشبكات الصغيرة/الشبكات غير المخدومة (undergrid minigrid). مشروع منطقة موكولوكي يقدم نموذج أعمال مستدام ماليا يمكنه أن يوفر الطاقة للملايين من الناس الذين […]

Hengtong Checks Flood Damage with Speed and Technology

SUZHOU, China, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 1,000 km fiber optic cables were delivered recently by Hengtong within 48 hours to Jiangxi Province for its urgent demand of flood control-related telecommunication system restoration. Located in a pivotal position that connects the middle and lower streams of the Yangtze River, and with the most winding part […]

Nine Leading Businesses Launch New Initiative to Accelerate Progress to a Net Zero Future

Initiative is committed to leading by example, charting the course for other businesses to follow REDMOND, Washington, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The heads of nine companies today announced the establishment of a new initiative to accelerate the transition to a net zero global economy. The initiative, known as Transform to Net Zero, intends to develop […]