ALGIERS, The Algerian delegation taking part in the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva has rejected a decision of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Committee on the Application of Standards to send a high-level delegation to Algeria as the country has already provided “all the required information in response to the remarks addressed to it”, says the ministry of Labour here.

The statement issued here Thursday said the Algerian delegation, led by Labour, Employment and Social Security Ministry Mourad Zemali, was surprised by the decision of Committee on the Application of Standards to send the delegation to Algeria which has provided “all the required information in response to the remarks addressed to it by the expert committee, with the supporting documents”.

The statement added that the Algerian delegation officially rejected the decision “in both form and content” and immediately withdrew from the works of the committee, while expressing its “discontent over such behaviour which infringes Algeria’s national sovereignty and the independence of the Algerian magistracy, and which is contrary to the real situation of trade unions in Algeria and the Algerian experience in terms of social dialogue, which has been praised, on several occasions, by the ILO itself”.

The Minister expressed surprise that “the committee did not take into consideration the procedures, the arguments and the documents provided, nor the advances made by Algeria in the field, and has taken, against all expectations, the decision to send a high-level delegation, which suggests that the decision was taken prior to the works of the committee”.

The Algerian delegation stressed that there is no logical basis for this decision considering the “strong support” Algeria has received from the Committee’s delegates. Such a decision “is likely to lead countries not to ratify and abide by the ILO’s international conventions and may even push some of them to partially or totally withdraw from it”, the statement said.

Source: Nam News Network

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