JAKARTA, — Algerian Minister of Industry and Mining Abdesselam Bouchouareb has called for the strengthening of economic co-operation among Islamic countries in order to enhance it to the level of a genuine strategic partnership.

In his address at the opening session of the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) here Tuesday, Bouchouareb stressed the need to mobilize “all energies to bring about a qualitative and quantitative leap in the economic co-operation among Islamic countries, with a view to enhancing it to the level of a genuine strategic partnership …. likely to help Islamic countries overcome the current (economic) crisis”.

In this regard, he cited the agreements signed recently in Algiers between Algerian and Indonesian business groups for the exploitation of phosphate in the North African nation.

Bouchouareb added that “shared willingness, the appropriate framework and trust will allow us to move very swiftly towards major mutually beneficial partnerships”.

The minister also highlighted recent changes which have taken place in Algeria, especially the revision of the Constitution and its new provisions relating to economic affairs as well as the new economic growth model and the new laws on the promotion of investments and standardization.

Bouchouareb invited international firms present at the WIEF to get acquainted with Algeria and the opportunities if offers. The three-day WIEF ends Thursday.

Source: Name News Network

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