ALGIERS, Algeria’s Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning, Noureddine Bedoui, has announced an ambitious programme to rationalize energy consumption and promote the use of renewable energy in the country from the second half of this year.

The Ministry has outlined an ambitious programme to rationalize energy consumption and to promote the use of renewable energy within the buildings of local authorities’ buildings and territories while reducing consumption rates and protecting the environment, says Bedoui.

Addressing the opening speech of a national meeting themed, Local authorities at the heart of energy transition, at the International Conference Centre (CIC) here over the weekend, he said the programme would encourage the creation of a new network of companies specializeingin this field.

Bedoui also called for the rationalization of energy consumption, especially in view of the current difficult financial situation faced by local authorities which required, more than even, alternative solution to reduce expenses, notably those related to energy consumption.

In this regard, Bedoui referred to the initial steps taken through the launch of the operation to replace conventional light bulbs with low-consumption LED lights, in addition to instructions for the generalization of public lighting using solar panels, especially in the southern and High Plateaus provinces.

As part of the new school year of 2018-2019, Bedoui said his Ministry had decided to implement a pilot project using renewable energy at 48 primary schools.

According to the minister, energy transition is among the main thrusts of this transition which will be implemented under a new comprehensive vision on the commune.

He called on all municipalities to set up local action plans to promote renewable energy, achieve energy efficiency, allot an annual budget to the implementation of their projects and install a committee that monitors the implementation of this plan.

Besides, the minister emphasized the importance of training the necessary human resources and the involvement of all players in the dissemination of a new consumption mode.

Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy Fatima Zohra Zerouati also attended the meeting in which more than 700 representatives of various public institutions and experts in renewable energy participated.


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