Algeria To Re-Evaluate Association Agreement With EU: President

ALGIERS– Algeria will re-evaluate the association agreement with the European Union (EU), Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, said yesterday.

The decision was taken during the cabinet meeting chaired by Tebboune, according to a statement of the presidency.

“Regarding consultations between Algeria and the EU, the president ordered the government to scrupulously re-evaluate the terms of the association agreement, which entered into force in Sept, 2005,” said the statement.

Tebboune stressed that the re-evaluation process will be conducted with a sovereign view and a win-win approach, taking into account the interest of Algeria.

With the aim to boost partnership, Algeria and the EU signed the association agreement in 2002, which entered into force in 2005.

Algeria has repeatedly criticised the association agreement, arguing that the EU made major profit from it on the expanse of the North African nation.