TEBESSA, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has called for the building of a strong popular front in the country to ensure stability in the face of all internal manoeuvres and external threats.

This strong popular front must thwart all political manoeuvres and attempts to destabilize our ranks through misinterpretations contrary to the precepts of our religion. You must also address all the scourges, notably corruption and drugs that are undermining our economy and our society,” he said in Tebessa, wbout 590 kilometres east of here, on Sunday.

In a message on the occasion of the commemoration of National Mujaheed Day, read on his behalf in Tebessa, near the border with Tunisia, by Minister of the Mujahideen (veterans), Tayeb Zitouni, the president urged “the children of our beloved homeland to follow the footsteps of our glorious and valiant Mujahideen and Shouhada (martyrs), to continue building and pooling all the potentialities of our country and to strengthen the edifice of a strong popular front able to guarantee Algeria’s stability in the face of all internal manoeuvres and external threats”.

President Bouteflika considers that “external crises at our borders are part of the dangers of abject terrorism and organized crime networks, two scourges that are now cross-border”.

He urged Algerians to “follow the example of the elite of our society, the units of the People’s National Army (ANP), and the units of the Algerian security forces. “who make daily sacrifices to safeguard the integrity and sovereignty of our national territory and preserve the security of our people and their property.

President Bouteflika also highlighted the scale of the challenges we face to meet the social needs of our people and to build a strong economy less dependent on hydrocarbons.

“Freedom and independence, construction and edification are achievements and challenges that require permanent mobilization, inexhaustible effort and even sacrifice in the service of the country, affirmed the Head of State who deplored the fact that “the right to freedom, and independence, and the right of peoples to live in stability and serenity become rare in the Arab world because of conflicts and crises undermining our potentialities, conflicts that take us away from the sacred duty to liberate Palestine.