ALGIERS, Algeria’s national hydrocarbons group Sonatrach is setting up a database of all local sub-contracting companies from both the public and private sectors which wish to collaborate with the group, says its chief executive officer, Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour.

The database will be built up progressively as the local sub-contractors approach the oil and gas group for jobs, Ould Kaddour told the media here Monday on the sidelines of a Sonatrach-organized conference on “Investment opportunities for Algerian companies.”

On the second day of the conference, a group email address — — was disclosed to participants. Sonatrach will receive queries, complaints and requests of the economic operators at this email address in order to strengthen the interaction between the two sides, thus facilitating the companies’ integration into the country’s hydrocarbon industry.

This link will also allow Sonatrach to provide these operators with advice, guidance and explanations to improve their performance and service offerings.

Following the establishment of this database, a pre-qualification exercise of local companies capable of providing the materials and services required by Sonatrach will be carried out.

Meanwhile, the group’s Central Director for Contracts and Logistics, Reda Dafous, has disclosed that a new contracting process which will allow Sonatrach to integrate local content into its projects will be soon ready.

“We are finalizing a new contracting process which will be based on the promotion of local content, through new provisions. The new process will be ready soon,” he told a roundtable session during the conference on how to contribute to maximizing local content in Sonatrach’s development projects.


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