MASCARA, — Algerian Water Resources and Environment Minister Abdelkader Ouali has called on investors to seize the opportunity offered by the waste recycling business in Algeria which is valued at 38 billion dinars (about 346 million US dollars).

During his inspection of a waste treatment project at the cement works of French cement giant T Lafarge in Oggaz in Mascara province, about 360 kilometres west of Algiers, last week, he said investments in waste recycling in Algeria could yield a significant profits as it was an activity which was still untapped.

“In addition to its contribution to the improvement of citizens’ living conditions, through the elimination of wastes, investments in the environment will lead to the recycling of various discarded materials such as metal, plastic, aluminium and paper, and which are expensively imported from abroad,” he added.

Ouali praised the Lafarge group’s initiative to eliminate wastes through generated at the cement works. These operations have allowed the cement plant to eliminate over the past two years some 106 tonnes of expired medication, collected in 12 provinces.

The activity was carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and the Algerian national union of pharmacies and dispensaries.

Source: Name News Network

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