ALGIERS, — Algeria’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has welcomed the “positive elements” mentioned in the chapter devoted to Algeria in the United States Department of State international report on religious freedom.

The report by the State Department “rightly” welcomes the measures taken by the Algerian government to uphold religious freedoms in Algeria as part of the new Constitution promulgated on March 6, 2016, which “enshrines freedom of conscience and religion” in Article 42, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement here Tuesday.

The report welcomed “the public actions meant to strengthen the climate of tolerance and acceptation of other religions practised in the society and the condemnation of terrorist acts, in addition to extremist religious speeches”.

However, the Foreign Affairs Ministry deplored “the fact that the report did not objectively tackle the exercise of religious freedom in Algeria” and that the report “regrettably ignored” three relevant elements, including the ordinance No. 06-03 dated Feb 28, 2006 on modalities of the exercise of non-Muslim religions that reflects State’s deep respect for all Revealed religions”.

The second element relates “to the call for religious associations to act in transparency. These associations benefit from financial support from the State without any discrimination, which also conducts maintenance and restoration of places of worship”.

According to the Foreign Ministry, this procedure is a “standard provision in all countries of the world.

The Foreign Ministry expressed its “willingness” to co-operate with the US Department of State for “a better understanding of the reality of religious freedoms in Algeria”.

Source: Name News Network