Awqaf strengthens the role of mosques and care for Imams and preachers

Department of Mosques in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has emphasized its care towards enhancement of the role of mosques in the community and to care for the divine houses of Allah as well as their Imams, preachers and muezzins within a new plan for development fit for the majesty and responsibility of the mission, considering imamate a great mission and heavy duty. In addition, care shall also include directing, guiding and communicating with persons in charge for perfect performance of their duties to achieve the mission of the Ministry.
Mr. Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Kuwari, Director of Mosques Department, during a meeting with Arab imams and preachers at Qatar Islamic Cultural Center “FANAR”, indicated that the new plan focuses on effective communication between the department and all employees of the mosques and foreshadowing the light to the importance of sharing thoughts, consultation, advice and solidarity for development of the process.
Mr. Al Kuwari pointed out the adoption of a plan targets motivating outstanding imams, preachers, muezzins and employees through their nomination by a committee in accordance with specific criteria for encouragement, competition and development of performance.
In addition, Mr. Al Kuwari stressed the need to care for mosques, good treatment of prayers, cooperation between imam and muezzin and abide by prayer times as well as communicate with people in the vicinity of the mosque highlighting the role of mosque, besides to abide by duties, directives and circulars issued by the Department of Mosques in implementation of the policy of the Ministry.
Moreover, Mr. Al Kuwari highlighted the importance of diligence and self- initiation in concern with mosques in all aspects, devotion to work and cooperation with the department in a spirit of responsibility. The imam shall be the director of the mosque with administrative link of staff to him, and he shall cooperate with the observers. The imam is responsible for direct supervision of matters relating to the mosque, its contents and facilities and concern with every single comment received about it.
Furthermore, Mr. Al Kuwari noted the significant role of imams and preachers in the community and their cooperation with the State’s institutions and all community projects aimed at guidance and direction for enhancement of the role of the Ministry in raising awareness; protect and promote the community and link it with mosques.
Then, Mr. Al Kuwari urged everyone to make every effort possible during the Holy Month of Ramadan, and stressed the interest of the Department of Mosques in imams, preachers and muezzins to enable them to perform their mission perfectly.
At the end, Mr. Al Kuwari explained that the new plan of the Department shall also adopt effective communication and open door policy for submission of written proposals and comments for review and consideration to develop the process in a spirit of partnership and responsibility.

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