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Cameroon Begins Election Campaign amid Separatist Violence

Cameroon has begun the campaign season for its December 6 regional council elections amid threats and attacks from separatists fighting to create an English-speaking state in the French-majority country. The separatists, who have vowed to disrupt the p…

Polls Close in Burkina Faso Elections

Polls closed in Burkina Faso’s national elections Sunday, as much of the nation voted under the looming threat of jihadist violence. Results are expected to be available midweek. President Roch Kabore who is running for a second five-year term against …

Chaos Erupts in Kampala Following Arrest of Opposition Leader Bobi Wine

Ugandan police arrested opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as singer Bobi Wine, on Wednesday as he campaigned for January’s presidential election. The arrest came just an hour after police released a statement warning candidates again…

New US Diplomat: South Sudan Policy Unlikely to Change

U.S. government policy toward South Sudan isn’t expected to change regardless of the new presidential administration, according to Jon Danilowicz, the new U.S. charge d’affaires to South Sudan.He said the top priority will remain restoring peace and s…

Disputes Threaten Somali National Elections Time Frame

The International Crisis Group says Somalia is getting behind schedule on conducting parliamentary and presidential elections.  The Brussels-based research organization says the process is threatened by disagreements and the lack of a mechanism to handle disputed election results. It’s calling for term extensions to avoid political conflict.   The Somali government’s plan to hold elections

Ethiopia’s Instability Threatens to Engulf Region

In a country plagued by years of ethnic violence, analysts fear the latest fighting between government troops and regional paramilitary forces in Ethiopia could be the breaking point. “We are not on the brink of civil war, Ethiopia is in the midst of a civil war,” said Kjetil Tronvoll, professor of peace and conflict studies

Rising Political Tensions in Ivory Coast Send Thousands Fleeing

The U.N. refugee agency reports a significant increase in the number of people fleeing Ivory Coast to neighboring countries in the wake of the country’s controversial October 31 presidential election. More than 8,000 Ivorians have fled rising political tensions in Ivory Coast. That is up from 3,200 in just one week. The U.N. refugee agency

Prosecutor: Ivory Coast Opposition Leaders Face Prison for Forming Rival Government

Opposition candidates in Ivory Coast’s election face charges of terrorism and up to life in prison for denouncing the vote and creating a rival government after President Alassane Ouattara’s victory, a public prosecutor said Friday.The opposition boyc…