Chery PRO Series Selling Well Globally with New Tiggo 7 PRO Model Launching in Egyptian Market

CAIRO, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In September this year, Chery Automobiles and its Egyptian distributor GB Auto held a joint launch event debuting the Tiggo 7 PRO. Tiggo 7 PRO represents the distinctive features of the PRO series meeting global consumers’ new expectations for automotive style, technology, and strong power.

Since the beginning of the year, Chery’s new PRO series has been launched in Russia, Chile, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines among other countries with consumers around the world expressing high levels of satisfaction sparking a “stylish” and “technological” Chery trend. Chery Automobiles sold 9,123 units in Egypt from January to August this year, up 85.31 percent year-on-year, ranking 6th in the commercial vehicle field, according to Egypt Automobile Market Information Council (AMIC) sales data.

Tiggo 7 PRO

Chery’s sales have been boosted by the global launch of the new PRO series. In September, Chery exported 22,052 units, up 108.7 percent year-on-year, breaking the record of 20,000 units for the fifth time this year. Cumulative exports from January to September were 187,910 units, 2.55 times that of the same period last year. While setting a new record, Chery continues to firmly occupy top spot in exports of passenger cars among Chinese brands.

The PRO series models have distinctive PRO features: The stylish PRO design adopts the new sun-star front face, with a geometric matrix diamond front grille and LED headlight design, all of which make the PRO series highly recognizable and passionate. The interior features the family-specific wrap-around cabin design, creating a dynamic and high-tech interior. “PRO Technology” brings an advanced intelligent experience thanks to the ultra-clear central control screen, power trunk lid, 360-degree panoramic imaging, wireless charging and other technology configurations that surpass those of equivalents, giving consumers an intelligent driving experience that exceeds their expectations. In addition, the PRO series models are equipped with engines that are not only powerful but also more fuel-efficient, as Chery has the most advanced engine development technology in China, with a total of six engines winning the “Top 10 Engines” in China.

Now, Chery has launched Tiggo 7 PRO (the first model of the PRO series) for Egyptian consumers who pay attention to joy of life and its experience, perfectly carrying the “style” and “science and technology” genes of the PRO series and ushering in a brand-new driving experience.

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