Doha, August 12 (QNA) – The Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Institute has issued a study entitled: “The State of Qatar in International Indicators” to reflect the attention it pays to  indicators issued by international organizations and  bodies concerned with various  political, economic, social, institutional, environmental and cultural issues.
 The study said such indicators are cared for because they are part of the most important criteria relied upon today in the assessment the progress made in the various fields of development, especially that they reflect the actual economic, political, security, social, cultural, scientific and institutional situation of the country.
    Various world countries pay attention to  international reports related to  new institutional, political, developmental and economic indicators due to their importance for decision makers, top leaderships in ministries and state bodies and to those who draw up development plans and programmes aimed at achieving economic and social progress and political objectives as these indicators enable the  identifying of the level of the development and shortcomings in the various aspects relating to the various dimensions of development.
   The study which deals with the accurate scientific analysis of Qatar in international indictors shows the strengths and weaknesses of each indicator, and make some proposals that promote the position occupied by Qatar in  various development indicators.
 The study came out with a set of constructive recommendations and  proposals that can contribute to strengthen the position of the State of Qatar in international indicators in the next few years the most important of which are the following:
1- Preparation of  a report every two years including  study and  analysis of the order of the State of Qatar in the indicators of international institutional, economic, political and  social indicators  to  take advantage of it taking measures to improve and enhance the competitiveness of the national economy, the location of the state in these indicators and to review some aspects of regression in order to strengthen the position of the state in these indicators.
2- Building of a database by  the Statistics Authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Bureau in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, covering all environmental aspects because the lack of information and lack of some environmental information in the State of Qatar makes  its ranking in the environment index does not reflect the size of the significant efforts in the field of environmental development.
3 – Urging businessmen and senior leaders in government and in business  sector to be serious in answering questionnaires related to international indicators,  opinion polls and field surveys  which results are taken into account in the calculation of the indicator as well as the concerned people in the  State updating and providing accurate data on the State of Qatar in international reports which include these indicators.
4 – Coordination with the organizations that prepare international indicators and work with the private sector to improve performance in these indicators  that contributes to the State of Qatar’s assuming an advanced positions in these indicators.
5 – Coordination with international organizations and bodies and international institutions concerned with the calculation of some indicators (such as: Indicator of Financial Stability, Prosperity Indicator.. Etc) in which the State of Qatar has not been referred to, so that data on Qatar would be entered in these indicators  during the coming years to determine the levels of  progress made in the development aspects related to these indicators.
6 – Formation of a working group of bodies concerned with international reports including but not limited to: the Statistical Bureau, the Ministry of Business and Commerce, the Foreign  Ministry, the Supreme Council for Communications and Information Technology (ictQATAR), the General Secretariat for Development Planning, Administrative Control Authority and Transparency, Supreme Council of Health, Supreme Education Council and the Ministry of Environment. The team’s mission will be the thorough study of all indicators and  to analyze  the performance of the State of Qatar and  identify the strengths and weaknesses of this performance and the mechanisms and ways of improvement and the required procedures.
 Concluding, the Institute of Diplomacy expressed the hope that the study would constitute a documented  reference of indicators, published annually by international organizations and bodies on political, economic, social and institutional issues, that monitor and compare the effort exerted by the state in order to achieve sustainable development in its various dimensions.(QNA)


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