ALGIERS, — Expanding the use of the Tamazight language, a berber language, in Algerian public institutions is “a strong political choice of the State and the government”, says the Secretary-General of the High Council of Amazighity (HCA), Si El Hachemi Assad.

“The objective of translating our country’s basic texts into Tamazight is a contribution to the concrete implementation of the new provisions of the Constitution, amended in February 2016,” he said at a workshop organized here Sunday by the HCA on the translation of the Algerian State’ basic texts into Tamazight.

“It also aims to strengthen patriotism as well as social and cultural cohesion of Algerians in all its forms,” he added.

Calling for the gradual expansion of the use of the Tamazight language, Assad underlined that use of the language had witnessed significant progress since its adoption as a national and official language in the recent constitutional revision.

In this regard, he said this progress had been possible owing to the clear-sightedness of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who overcame all hesitation and resistances in the society.

Assad also underlined the HCA’s approach for an effective promotion of the Tamazight language, through targeted activities in the fields of publishing, translation, communication and training.

Source: Name News Network

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