Rome, April 11 (QNA) – The United Nations Food and Agriculture
Organization (FAO) today called for urgent support for farmers and
herders in Sudan in order to help prevent a further worsening of the
food security situation in the country.
Some 3.3 million people are currently suffering from food insecurity
with numbers likely to rise to 4 million in the coming months due to
a combination of increased conflict and displacement in Darfur,
refugee movement from neighbouring South Sudan, poor harvest and
spiralling food prices, according to UNFAO.

FAO is calling for $19 million for a series of urgent interventions
targeting a total of 5.4 million people. So far it has received only
$7 million, leaving a funding gap of $12 million.
In some areas of Sudan, existing crisis levels of food insecurity
are expected to deteriorate to emergency levels in the coming few
weeks, bringing an even higher degree of acute malnutrition with
devastating consequences for vulnerable groups.

“Sudan is a forgotten crisis that is only getting worse,” said Abdi
Adan Jama, FAO Representative in the country. “We urgently need to
ensure vulnerable herders and farmers affected by the situation are
in a position to regain their livelihoods, feed their families,
reduce their dependency on food aid and rebuild their lives.”
United Nations agencies and partners have so far received only 3.5%
of the US $995 million that they requested to carry out urgent
humanitarian interventions set out in the Strategic Response Plan for
Sudan in 2014. (QNA)


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