Global Entry’ facility for Qatari travellers to US

Qatar and the US have agreed upon a mechanism to make the international traveller programme “Global Entry” available for Qataris at US ports of entry.

“As part of co-operation between the Qatar’s Ministry of the Interior and the US’ Department of Homeland Security, a joint mechanism has been agreed upon to enable the international traveller programme known as the “Global Entry” for Qataris,” a statement issued by the MoI yesterday said.

Brig. Saud Abdullah AL-Mahmoud, director of International Co-operation Department at the MoI, said that the programme would ease travel procedures of Qatari citizens at various US ports. “They can pass through the gates of the international traveller “Global Entry” in various US ports without going through the usual procedures applied in these airports,” he added.
For registering in this programme, the passenger must be a Qatari citizen and shall hold a valid passport and a valid visa to the United States. The fee is $100.

The MoI has called upon all Qatari citizens wishing to travel to the US to register and fill out the form on the site The applicants will be sent an e-mail to fix an appointment for collecting the required data at the office of International Traveller programme at the Doha International Airport. For registration and fixing an appointment applicants can visit: .

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