Gulf & World Traders partner with Everist Genomics to offer innovative heart health monitor in Gulf countries

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, June 28, 2013 /PRNewswire – A new, simple, non-invasive test that predicts risk for cardiovascular disease is to be made available by Gulf & Word Traders throughout the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries.

Everist Genomics Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI), developer of the test, announced today that they have appointed Gulf & World Traders as exclusive agents of the technology in the region.

“We are delighted to be partnering with a well-established and respected organization that has the capacity to serve the market and make our breakthrough technology widely available,” says Everist Genomics CEO, Steve Everist.

“Cardiovascular disease is a major life threat in the Gulf region as it is in many other countries of the world, and we believe that this new heart health predictor will be a valuable asset in identifying people who are at risk so that they, together with their physicians, can take the appropriate measures to lower their risk of heart attack or stroke,” says, Nabil Emil, General Manager, Gulf & World Traders.

The medical device, known as AngioDefender, determines vascular health status by measuring the ability of patient’s arteries to naturally expand in response to changes within the body, known as endothelial function.  Endothelial function is a known indicator of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease and has also been linked to risk for dementia.  Previously, the only reliable methods for testing proper endothelial function requires special equipment and training to perform and are not readily available.  AngioDefender’s  patented technology solves this problem with a simple, reliable and fast test that is remarkably easy to administer.   Using the device, patients will know immediately if they are at low, medium or high risk for cardiovascular disease.

“The beauty of this test is that it can identify those who are at risk for cardiovascular disease even though they may currently have no obvious symptoms such as high blood pressure or poor cholesterol levels,” says Steve Everist.

About Gulf & World Traders

Gulf & World Traders (GWT) is the agent for a wide range of medical devices and products produced by over 50 international companies, including some of the world’s leading medical brand names.  Products include sophisticated hospital equipment, covering more than 60% of the equipment needs of any level of Health Care providers, as well as new mobile devices for monitoring health care.

GWT was established in 1969 by Dr. Juma Khalfan Belhoul, to provide the United Arab Emirates with the most advanced hi-tech health care related products and is a 100% locally owned.

GWT is now catering for a wide range of medical and scientific needs through offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.  GWT recently opened offices in Muscat, Oman, Doha, Qatar and Mannama, Bahrain.  GWT is an ISO 9001/2000 certified company for Management Quality System.  For more information please visit or contact:

About Everist Genomics 

Everist Genomics, Inc. (EGI) is a personalized medicine company, based in Ann Arbor Michigan, USA which develops and commercializes medically unique diagnostic and prognostic tests which help patients and their physicians manage their personal health.  EGI is focused on rapidly growing disease areas including cancer and cardiovascular disease.  EGI’s innovative products successfully integrate with mobile digital services, smartphones and tablet computers resulting in advanced medical technology which, until now, has been confined to the hospital setting.  For more information about Everist Genomics and AngioDefender, please visit, or contact either Randal Charlton at or phone (+44) 148 328 4321, or Vicki Theisen at


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