HM the King Congratulates El Mansouri on Her Election as Coordinator of PAM Secretariat General’s Collegial Management

In this message, the Sovereign expresses to El Mansouri His congratulations on the success of the fifth national congress of PAM, which allowed the emergence of a configuration aimed at establishing organizational governance, to assume, according to a renewed approach, the roles assigned by the Constitution to political parties and to promote the position of the party among serious political groups engaged in the national democratic and development project.

“We extend our congratulations to you on your election by the National Council as coordinator of the collegial management of the Secretariat General of the Authenticity and Modernity Party which includes Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid and Salaheddine Abou El Ghali”, His Majesty the King writes, extending His sincere wishes of success in fulfilling their new duties at the head of the party.

The Sovereign notes that “this election not only confirms the esteem which you enjoy among the members of your political party, given your commitment to defending the princip
les of the party, as an activist engaged in this project since its creation, a president of its National Council and an MP of this party. It also illustrates the deserved place of Moroccan women in various fields, particularly in politics, especially since your political party endeavors to enable her to earn her rightful place’.

“We are convinced that, thanks to your human qualities, your proven competence and experience, and your unwavering attachment to the constants of the Nation, you will continue to work, within the framework of your new partisan responsibilities, to consolidate the place of your party and its active involvement, thanks to its position in the political landscape, in order to promote what We wholeheartedly urge for, namely the need to strengthen trust in political parties and their credibility, through enshrining the noble political culture and exercise, based on seriousness in responding to the legitimate aspirations of citizens and the selfless action for the general interest as the u
ltimate goal of any partisan political act”, HM the King adds.

Expressing His esteem for the former secretary general of the party, Abdellatif Ouahbi, HM the King asked El Mansouri to convey His highest expressions of consideration to all party activists.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse