ALGIERS, — French President Francois Hollande has underlined the need for “a deep bilateral co-operation” between Algeria and France in the fight against terrorism, stressing that “terrorism is a common enemy”.

In a message Tuesday to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to thank him for the condolence offered following the terrorist attack against the Saint-Etienne church, Hollande said “these sad circumstances stress once again the need for a deep bilateral co-operation in the fight against terrorism and deradicalization to protect our citizens”.

“On behalf of the French people and on my own behalf, I thank you for the condolences you offered following the horrible terrorist attack perpetrated in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church located in Seine-Maritime,” the French president said in his message.

“I was particularly touched by your compassion and solidarity, which come from a friendly country that has been deeply wounded by terrorist violence. The terrorist scourge is our common enemy. Facing it is a priority for our two countries. We will need to further work together. I know your country’s commitment in this objective.”

Hollande said “these barbaric acts have nothing to do with Islam” and added that “the Republic totally rejects the logic of terrorists who aim at spreading division and hatred and want to take the Muslims of France hostages”.

“Today, it is all the Islam of France which is mobilized to fight against those who prey on our country and its values, by invoking a disastrous conception of the religion. We will not let them do that. We will join forces because it is in this way that will win the war,” added the French President.

Source: Name News Network