Is an “extended warranty” too good to be true? GAC MOTOR compares the fine print to find out

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — When making a significant purchase such as a car, buyers are increasingly becoming concerned about future maintenance costs, which makes quality assurance a critical consideration. Often, consumers are attracted to the “extended warranty” deals advertised by manufacturers.

Reading into GAC MOTOR’s warranty: Understanding the “secrets” behind the car industry’s warranty policies

This warranty sounds attractive, but is it reliable? Reading into the fine print, we realized when brands advertise an “extended warranty,” this usually does not cover the whole car. Instead, different parts of the vehicle have separate warranty periods. However, how many consumers have realized this “secret”?

Comparing time-based warranties: A comparison based on individual car mileage

A full warranty is the leading advertising attraction for car manufacturers today. To a certain extent, it reflects the confidence the car manufacturers have in their products. However, we found out that a full car warranty coverage does not necessarily include a warranty for all the vehicle components. It typically covers only large pieces that are not easy to wear out.

GAC MOTOR’s extended warranty is valid for five years or up to 150,000 kilometers, while another brand covers six years or up to 200,000 kilometers. However, does the duration in the warranty coverage make it necessarily better? Based on an average car mileage for better consideration, we believe it is a negligible difference. For example, a family car would clock an average distance of 20,000 kilometers annually. Based on this data, there was no discrepancy in the condition of the main components when comparing between five or six years.

Comparing component warranty policies: The more components covered, the better

Consumers often overlook the lifespan of consumable car components which requires constant replacement every three years. If manufacturer warranties do not encompass these items or the warranty period covered is too short, this will increase the periodic maintenance expenditure for car owners.

Under the warranty terms for consumable car components, GAC MOTOR covers up to 20 items, which is significantly more than the industry average.

Warranty duration of accessories: Focus on car components which are frequently used

Consumers should also pay attention to the duration of the warranty period for accessories. Most car components warranties are shorter than the full car warranty duration. For example, the commonly used headlights and suspension warranty period are typically three months or up to 5,000 kilometers, or three years or up to 10,000 kilometers. However, GAC MOTOR extends the same warranty duration of 5 years or up to 150,000 kilometers for these same parts.

In conclusion, when purchasing a car, consumers should be aware of extended warranties and their conditions. Through comparison, we found out that GAC MOTOR has a competitive edge through its offerings of extended warranty policies, car components coverage, and warranty period duration for peripherals. These truly safeguard car owner’s interests, which lets buyers achieve a worry-free experience when purchasing a car.

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