Medical First: 3D-printed Skull Implant

Beijing, September 19 (QNA) – A Chinese man who had 3D-printed skull surgically attached to his head has completely recovered, prompting doctors to call the operation a “success”, news agency Xinhua reported.

The 46-year-old farmer, surnamed Hu, suffered from a crushed skull after falling from the third floor of a building in Xian city, Shaanxi province.

Hu underwent surgery on August 28 to have his skull fitted with the 3D-printed prosthetic, which was considered a medical first.

Xijing Hospital chief Guo Shuzhong said Hu did not show “any sign of infection or rejection towards the implanted mesh and his brain is well-protected now”, according to Xinhua.

After his accident, Hu had trouble with his eyesight, and ability to speak and write, but he could for some months walk and eat normally.

After the operation, his cerebral nerves have healed enough so he can speak simple words. His language ability is expected to gradually improve, the report said.

Doctors at Xijing Hospital in Xian grafted a titanium mesh skull piece on his head during the operation, which lasted three and a half hours, the report said. (QNA)

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