NASA, Qatar Foundation and UNDP Cooperate on Climate Research and Desertification

Doha, November 30 (QNA) -A special panel discussion under the title, “Climate Change in Desert and Dry Regions” kicked off here on Friday, launching a tripartite cooperation between three major scientific organs, namely Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), U.S. Space Agency (NASA) and UN Development Programme(UNDP) in climate changes and environment protection.
Commenting on such a topic, dr. Essam Heggy (Egypt), a NASA Science Team Member at Jet Propulsion Center at  (NASA) said the  18th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP18) is witnessing the launching of tripartite cooperation between Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), NASA and UN Development programme (UNDP) in climate changes and environment protection, on three main pillars, first impact of climate change on underground water, second desertification, both covered and worked on by NASA while the third one relates to reflections of climate changes on food and water resources and management of these resources in the region in general.
Speaking in an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) Friday, dr. Heggy said the panel discussion is mainly aimed at seeking solutions to our problems and establishing Arab standards to understand the impact of climate change in the Arab world where the Arab region is currently suffering lack of such standards, the matter which negatively affect the decision makers in the region.
“The sole goal of our presence in Doha is to communicate a message to the concerned officials to the effect that the climate change is taking place here and there noting that it takes place even in the North Pole”, the arab Nasa researcher told QNA.

Elaborating Dr. Heggy said ” Our mission in this conference is to emphasize our need as Arabs for more measurements and technology to study water and study impacts of climate change and this can only be carried out in collaboration with universities and research bodies in the Arab region”.
Asked about his evaluation of cooperation underway between NASA and QF, Dr. Heggy said Qatar foundation has adopted remarkable steps as far as the climate issue is concerned through the establishment of the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI)…” This is an extremely encouraging start to see due attention being accorded by this foundation to study impacts of climate change on water, environment, foods and energy … the matter which we consider it a goodwilling intentions that would be completed by the presence of expertise and permanent coordination to eventually produces research projects in cooperation with highly specialized authorities in this concern”, Qatar news agency quoted dr. Heggy as saying.
Qatar while hosting such a conference is aiming also to benefit and send a message from Doha to the world public opinion that the main thing we possess in this world is earth planet in which we live and which we have all cooperate to preserve it against any pollution and climate hazards otherwise the human being might be turned into an endangered species.
” We are here at the 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP18) to confirm to the whole world that the problem is there and we should determine the venue and time which requires urgent intervention on part of the parties concerned as soon as possible”, the Egyptian researcher at NASA concluded. 
It is worth to mention that Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) aims to mitigate climate change and contaminants harmful to the environment as well as contaminants affecting humans.
QEERI’s environmental work focuses on Qatar’s desert and marine ecologies, plant and animal life and air quality. Its work on contaminants affecting humans considers issues such as lead and mercury levels in the environment, carbon emissions and other pollutants that pose risks for human health.
HE Chairman of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah opened in Doha earlier Monday the 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP18) which is being attended by   high-level representatives of about 194 countries around the world, and in the presence of more than 17,000 visitors, of whom 7,000 are members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), 1500 journalists, and the coverage of 90 television station. The conference will last till Dec.7. (END)

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