National survey to measure patient satisfaction

Dr. Ayesha Abdullah Al Ali, Director of Accreditation in Quality Department for Healthcare Affairs and Patient Safety in Supreme Council of Health, said that a national survey to measure patient satisfaction of health services will be launched within the coming months.
Dr. Ayesha Al Ali confirmed, in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), the importance and the role of this national survey to pose patients as the main and basic aspect in structuring planning and continuous improvement processes that go along with objectives of managing quality of health services and patient safety in the Supreme Council of Health.
Dr. Al Ali reported that the outcomes from said survey will identify and stimulate the development and improvement processes of different institutions of health sector through studying the results obtained from the survey, and provide the necessary advice to each institution, as well as building reference basic database to monitor improvements and developments in the level of user satisfaction about healthcare, through comparison with outcomes from future surveys.
Dr. Al Ali also explained that the survey will be introduced to all patients and users of health services in public and private sectors, including emergency services, children emergency, obstetrics and gynecology and primary healthcare.
In addition, Dr. Al Ali noted that the survey sample will be large and shall include Qataris and residents, as specific questions aims at monitoring public satisfaction for medical and health services provided by the institutions in the State shall be included to have valued results denote weaknesses or deficiencies in these services and ways for its development in the future.
Moreover, Dr. Al Ali stated that the national survey will go through pilot phase within the Month of Ramadan to define the quality of questions prepared by specialized committee of physicians, nurses and experts from the Supreme Council of Health.
Furthermore, Dr. Al Ali reported that the survey project will take approximately six months include the questionnaire process, declaration and publication of outcomes, indicating that the outcomes and results will be published in different local media and scientific magazines, provided that survey will be carried out on an annual basis in the future to develop services and avoid weaknesses in accordance with the views of the target people from all medical services.
Dr. Al Ali further noted that the results from the survey will be submitted to health facilities for review and work to develop or improve the commented services, as well as Supreme Council of Health will introduce advisory services on the process of improvement and development.
Dr. Al Ali added that Supreme Council of Health aims, through this project, to enhance and improve the health services through achievement of defined quality standards, which include dimensions of quality of health services including the ability to obtain the service, public safety, optimal use of available resources, the effectiveness of treatment or healthcare, continuity of treatment and patient care between different healthcare levels, mechanism for posing patient as the center of treatment plan, method of cooperation and uninterrupted support for related community institutions such as (Diabetes Association, Cancer Society) and support of appropriate occupational health environment for these sectors.
Dr. Ayesha Al Ali confirmed the diligence of Supreme Council of Health to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety for patients, and revealed organization of an International Conference on Quality and Safety of Patient by the Council by April 2013.
She explained that the conference will be the first of its kind and size, and will focus on improvement of safety of patients and ways for supporting quality improvement initiatives, as well as it will represent standard opportunity to exchange experiences and expertise with regard to improvement of quality in health sector.
On the other hand, Dr. Al Ali stated that the project of obtaining international accreditation by private hospitals is in its final phases, noting that 3 private hospitals decided to obtain the Canadian accreditation and one hospital decided to obtain the Australian accreditation.
She also pointed out that all health sectors in the State, including hospitals, individual and private clinics, will be required, in the future, to obtain the national accreditation of health institutions, which will work on application of standard specifications based on the best practices and evidences to improve health sector services.
Dr. Al Ali indicated that this national accreditation shall include three phases; criteria of licensing, basic accreditation criteria and outstanding accreditation criteria.

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