New medical city for rehabilitation of injured in accidents in Muaither

Hamad Medical Corporation currently is striving to establish specialized medical city specialized for rehabilitation of people with chronic injuries from accidents. The new medical city in Muaither consists of 40 villas which will be allocated for people with disabilities due to accidents and are less than 65 years old.

Sources said that 50 patients are being treated at the present time in the city, and that part of the city will be allocated to patients with chronic mental diseases.

Such leading project comes after Hamad Medical Corporation had completed the project of building new facility for care for old people in Hamad Medical City which is called ‘Sanaf II’ as the second phase of the project which allocated facility equipped with all medical requirements needed for treatment and care for old people cases. In addition, the facility is also equipped and prepared for permanent stay. The new facility is complementary to ‘Sanaf I’ project in Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City, where 80 old people are being treated on a permanent basis and receive all necessary medical and social care in accordance to their cases.

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