Pope Francis appealed for the continuity of the truce in Gaza during his Wednesday General Audience. His plea emphasized the need for the release of all hostages and the crucial entry of humanitarian aid into the region.

“May we please continue to pray for the serious situation in Israel and Palestine,” urged the Pope, underlining the significance of peace.

He stressed the extension of the temporary ceasefire, revealing his recent conversation with Gaza’s Catholic parish of the Holy Family. The dire conditions there were highlighted: scarcity of water and bread, alongside the widespread suffering among ordinary citizens.

“The people are suffering,” Pope Francis empathically conveyed, pinpointing the stark contrast between the suffering of civilians and those perpetuating the conflict. He expanded his plea for peace, also directing attention to the ongoing plight of the Ukrainian people embroiled in a severe crisis.

Emphasizing the devastating consequences of war, the Pontiff concluded, “War is always a d
efeat. Everyone loses. Well, not everyone-there’s a group that earns a lot. Those who make weapons. They earn a lot from the deaths of others.”

Pope Francis’s heartfelt appeal at the audience highlighted the urgency for sustained peace in Gaza, resonating with his global call for an end to conflict-driven suffering.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon