Quality Education, Key to Social Advancement, Equity and Territorial Justice: Head of Govt

Rabat – Quality education is likely to solve the problems facing society, as it is “the key to social advancement, equity, territorial justice and progress at the national level,” said on Thursday Head of Government, Saad Dine El Otmani.

Speaking at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting held in Rabat, El Otmani stressed the importance of the first meeting held Wednesday by the National Commission for the follow-up and accompaniment of the reform of the system of education, training and scientific research, marking the beginning of the comprehensive, strategic and important structural reform of the educational, training and scientific research system.

This first meeting is an important event as it helped to examine the measures to be taken as part of the reform over the next three years, in addition to priority measures which must focus on educational reform, so as to improve its quality and make it more equitable, allowing Moroccan students to develop their knowledge and improve their skills in science and scientific research, he pointed out.

The Commission has approved several draft laws, decrees and decisions related to the legislative system as part of the reform, said El Otmani, noting that the debates within the Commission and the members’ suggestions are of great importance for the next step.

The success of this project “is a joint responsibility that requires the mobilization of all stakeholders and all governmental and non-governmental sectors”, he stressed.

Several projects have already been launched to improve the education system, including primary education generalization workshops that enabled 56% of children aged four to six to enrol in primary education during the past and current year, he said, adding that the objective is to generalize primary education, and to reach 100,000 enrolments every year.

Source: MAP Marocaine press