Somali Officials Probe Deadly Plane Crash

The Somali government is promising a thorough investigation into the crash of a Kenyan supply plane Monday that killed six people amid suspicions it may have been shot down. 

The Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority reported Tuesday the twin-engine plane operated by African Express was carrying medical supplies to treat the coronavirus when it crashed Monday afternoon on approach to the western city of Bardale “under circumstances we are yet to confirm.”  

Two officials told VOA Somali that the plane was hit by an object. One of the officials said it was hit by a missile.  

A source close to the airline company says the plane did not report any “abnormality” before the crash. 

Though the airstrip in is protected by Somali and African Union troops, the al- Qaida-linked militant group al-Shabab has a presence in the area. 

Somalia’s Foreign Ministry says Somali President Abdullahi Mohamed Abdullahi, in a phone call with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, offered his condolences and pledged to cooperate in investigating the incident.  

Source: Voice of America