Spain to receive 15 LNG cargoes in July, reload none

Spanish LNG terminals will receive 15 LNG cargoes in July and none for a total net intake of 1.92 million cu m, according to initial nominations published by gas grid operator Enagas.

By terminal, Barcelona will receive four loads with a combined 504,500 cu m; Cartagena will receive one cargo with 110,000 cu m; Huelva will receive four cargoes with 552,000 cu m, Bilbao will receive one with 130,000 cu m, Sagunto will receive four with 487,000 cu m and Mugardos will take in one with 135,000 cu m, the schedule showed. All figures include rounding.

There are no reloads programed for the period, making it the fifth consecutive month that no re-export operations will be carried out in Spain.

Overall send-out from the six terminals into the national natural gas system has been nominated at 9.8 TWh for July, the lowest monthly total since November last year.

Net pipeline imports are nominated at 13.2 TWh, Enagas said, with 15.5 TWh coming in from Algeria and 1.0 TWh from France, offset by 3.5 TWh exported via pipeline to Portugal.

Total gas demand within Spain is estimated to reach 22.4 TWh in the month, the company said without providing a breakdown.

Total usable storage stocks (operational and strategic) in July are forecast to average 18.9 TWh in Spain’s underground storage sites (equivalent to 62% full), up from 17.4 TWh or 57% full the previous month, while LNG tanks will hold an average of 11.4 TWh in the month (or 54% full), the data showed.

Source: Platts